Dino mini drawer pulls
Transform any piece of furniture from drab to fab with these hand made safari animal drawer pull handles. Each handle is hand made to order, so get in touch if you would like to customise your handles, we can adjust the length or width of the thread bar.
Each handle sits approximately 2cm away from the piece of furniture.
The size of the hole needed to fit the handles is 5mm.
The handles come ready to be installed, with threaded rod and a nut to tighten and secure the to the furniture.

The handles are plastic and then sprayed with a special plastic paint to give a metal look.
Lead time is approximately 10 working days and then sent via Royal Mail, second class.
Ankylosaurus - 8cm x 3cm (left facing)
Utahceratops - 8cm x 3.5cm ( left facing)
Stegosaurus - 8cm x 4cm ( left facing)
Brachiosaurus - 8cm x 7cm (left or right facing)
Triceratops - 8cm x 3cm ((left or right facing)
Tyrannosaurus Rex - 8cm x 4.5cm (left or right facing)

Dino mini drawer pulls